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Long Beach Architecture Week Opens

Roam some local treasures, all while keeping close to your own digs, at this multi-day, building-beautiful bash.

Barry Winiker

What to Know

  • Sept. 17-27
  • Some virtual home tours are on the schedule, as well as a drive-in and explore-on-your-own downtown tour
  • A self-guided mural tour, a self-guided Art Deco tour, and more love for LBC landmarks are part of the event

If you're sweet on structures with pizzazz, and you know your Southern California burgs as well as you know your own home, you've likely grown quite fond of several stunning Long Beach-based buildings.

For the ocean-snug city is known for some striking towers, and some ultra-cute cottages, and a whole host of Craftsman homes that could easily make the cover of any magazine.

Getting to snoop around, by invitation, only ever happens when a house tour or architecture event pops up, but getting to explore while you're in your pajamas?

That feels like quite the rare event, and yet it is happening, from Sept. 17 through the 27th, when Long Beach Architecture Week returns as a semi-virtual event.

Prepare for "10 Days of Architecture, Design & Discovery" as you engage in "... a series of tours, events and educational opportunities that celebrate architecture, promote preservation, sustainability, and new ideas." It's a party with plentiful prisms, in short, appealing to architecture buffs who have their favorite areas.

Some highlights? An intriguing look around a "bungalow mansion" built by Miner Smith, as well as a stop by the oh-so-mod Atkinson Brick House.

There are some out-and-about choices, too, self-guided happenings that will allow you to observe socially distancing and other safety measures while also enjoying an architectural adventure.

A pop-up drive-in at The Scottish Rites Event Center will feature "Metropolis" on Saturday, Sept. 19, while a Historic Downtown Self-Guided Tour will give explorers a chance to go at their own pace.

A solid plan, right now? Download the LB Living App and find more on all of the week's goings-on.

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