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Long Beach Burger Week to sizzle with appetizing offers and savory creations

Pile it high (and add some aioli, thanks): Flavorful finds will abound over several days.

Kyle Monk

What to Know

  • July 23-30, 2023
  • Creative burgers with a host of toppings — Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Fritos will be two choices — are part of the savory scene
  • Find "one-of-a-kind" burgers at several price points, from $5 to $25

You can count on mustard to boast a tart zing, and ketchup to rock a mellow tomato-y taste, and a crumbly wedge of tangy blue cheese?

It will melt atop the perfect patty if gently coaxed to do so.

Likewise, counting on some of our region's most robust burger bashes to show up when the timing is perfect, almost as perfect as the perfectly seeded bun, is something that Southern Californian foodies can definitely do, with confidence.

Look to Pasadena's famous Cheeseburger Week, a wintertime, aioli-drenched, carmelized onion-topped fantasia that celebrates the appetizing origin story of the cheeseburger and its Crown City connections.

But we also crave sizzle-worthy burgers when the weather outside grows sizzly, such as it does in late July.

Making the July 23 launch of Long Beach Burger Week right on the money.

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And speaking of money? This third outing is about deals, special burgers, and other delicious doings, the sorts of happenings that festoon a foodie-themed event.

Some of the 2023 deals include a $5 hand-held Burger Pie from Polly's Pies and a $10 Belmont Animal Smash Burger at Long Beach Tap House.

The offers don't solely stick to the gobble-ready goodie; some include a side beverage, like the $10 Single Smashburger with Lemonade at Strongbeach Lemonade & Grill.

You can peruse all of the prices, and where to go for the exact (or at least specific) burger you're hankering for, on this page.

The non-profit Long Beach Food & Beverage is behind the third outing of the event, which raises awareness about "local restaurants, food trucks, and pop-ups."

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