Long Beach Pride: Patti LaBelle, Parade, Dancing…

It's the 32nd annual pride party (and one of the largest in the country).

When you expect a few people to attend your event, you don't fuss too much about offering too many choices in terms of to-dos and entertainment and go-here-nows -- it'll all likely be fine and low-key and that's that and no worries.

But knowing that over 80,000 people are headed to your front door, for what is one of the most famous pride celebrations in the country, is another matter: You want to go for the full and extravagant spectrum of sound and food and community spirit and kid activities and starry cameos.

And so Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Pride does. It has, after all, been around since 1983, long before a number of other pride festivals got their start (beginnings that were surely inspired by how well the big, big party along Shoreline Drive unfurls, year after year).

The 32nd annual pride party is ready to roll on Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17, and before you get to the popular Sunday parade, there is, of course, the music, the dancing, the carnival-sweet family fun zone, and the community spirit.

As for the stages? Salt N Pepa are the headliners on Saturday, Patti LaBelle takes the mic on Sunday, and Siya, Fey, Tania Soto, and Horoscops de Durango are all on the bill, as well as a host of DJs. The dance areas, beyond the stages, include Fiesta Caliente, Urban, Country, and Dance.

As for that mondo and merry parade? It's a Sunday tradition, with a 10:30 a.m. step-off at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Lindero Avenue. (Arrive early, though, to see a performance by Hamburger Mary's Brunchettes and LA Cheer.)

As for the theme? The 2015 message is Color Our World with Pride.

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As for tickets? Admission is twenty bucks and available at the gate.

As for celebrating? Thirty two years along is major. Keep on being that big-hearted beacon for other fests beyond your shores, and Shoreline Drive, Long Beach.

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