Look/Enjoy, No Cash Required, at Museums Free-for-All Day

Over three dozen SoCal institutions are bye-bye-ing entry fees for a day.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 28
  • Over three dozen participating museums will waive entry fees
  • Parking is extra, as are special exhibitions

Barriers between you and a spirit-raising, idea-testing, never-forget-it artwork?

Time is probably a major one, and getting to the place that houses the artwork also can act as a potential hurdle. But sometimes the entry to that place is as simple as this: It's not in our budget at the moment.

Which is why our museums and cultural institutions make it so wonderfully easy to know the treasures they display, both through monthly free or discounted days, special pay-no-money events, and annual happenings where a whole swath of amazing destinations completely scuttle their admission fees.

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 is that day, and the Southern California place, er, places ditching the entry fees? There are over three dozen on board for the annual Museums Free-for-All, so listing them all would surely fill up the rest of this post, and then some.

So here are five of the many to consider: Fowler Museum at UCLA, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Zimmer Children's Museum, California African American Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Pause now, though, to consider the other gems on the lengthy list. 

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How it works? Some spots, like the Natural History Museum, are asking potential guests to first register for free tickets at a special URL ahead of time.

Some locations are a-okay with you just showing up to see what's inside.

And note that, in some cases, if there's a special exhibit on, like the "Tattoo" event at the Natural History Museum, well, that's not included in the free day, so plan on buying a separate entry. Or simply go to soak up the wonders of the permanent exhibits.

The USC Fisher Museum will be free on Saturday, Jan. 27, let's also note, and not Sunday.

Let's note again, while we're noting things, that if the museum has a parking lot or garage that traditionally charges of fee, that isn't part of the pay-nothing day. Arrive with parking cash.

But as for the whole getting-there-part, if you're not driving? It's not part of the freeness of the day, but, for sure, it does deliver convenience of the highest order. It's Metro, which is the museums' partner for the Free-for-All, so consider letting the system swiftly convey you to all of those spirit-raising, idea-testing, never-forget-'em artworks.

Again, not free on that day, but an expeditious way to reach many museums throughout the land.

Do you need more museums, more Metro, and more not spending too much money, all to savor a super weekend day? Here, here, here.

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