Lucky Bird Is Giving Away Free Fried Chicken for a Year

Love the Grand Central Market eatery? Pick up your favorite order (or have it delivered), post it on social, and you're in the running.

Lucky Bird

What to Know

  • Through Aug. 7
  • Pick up or deliver a meal that's $10.95 (or more), tag it and post on Instagram or Facebook
  • Winner announced on Aug. 8

While August definitely has its eats-oriented pleasures, from fresh corn to grill-ready goodies to a variety of stone fruits, it doesn't have some of the succulent national holidays that July boasts.

For August's neighbor has not one but two national chicken holidays, with National Fried Chicken Day arriving just days after the Fourth of July and National Chicken Wing Day concluding the month in a crispy and delicious fashion.

But August has found its own fried chicken spotlight, at least here in Southern California.

For that flavorful downtown favorite, Lucky Bird, is holding a contest that covers not just the months of July and August for its winner: Someone is about to get a free year of fried chicken courtesy of the Grand Central Market restaurant.

How to enter?

Either swing by and purchase a bucket, a sandwich, and the sides you're sweet on, post it on Instagram or Facebook through Aug. 7, tag it, and see if you're picked for this piquant freebie.

Things to know? You'll need to spend at least $10.95 on your meal, so keep that in mind.

And the tag? It's a snap: #GetLuckyLA.

You'll want to read all, and, yep, you can do delivery if you're not going to be in the Broadway neck of the woods any time soon.

Fried Chicken Day and Chicken Wing Day may both be done for 2020, but imagine if you're the lucky Lucky Bird winner who'll enjoy fried chicken, for free, for a full year.

That transforms any day of the calendar into a chicken-savory day, oh yum.

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