Mac & Cheese Meets Plant-Based Burgers Meets BBQ Meets Yum

A super-luscious double burger is adding limited-time oomph to the Veggie Grill menu.

Veggie Grill

What to Know

  • The Double BBQ Mac Burger is available at Veggie Grill
  • Through Tuesday, March 23
  • $14.95

You can easily be both a plant-based person and a lover of zazzy burger toppings, all at once, simultaneously.

But smooshing both together in a symphony of supping bliss? That gets a little harder, especially if some of your favorite non-meat patties arrive on the plainer side, or offering but a single condiment or two.

What you really long for is a lusciously loaded plant-based burger experience, and if it arrives with not just one patty, but a second one for good measure? Even better.

Veggie Grill is treating plant-based buffs to just that sort of stuff-it-high sammie, but only for a limited time, and we do mean "limited": You'll need to enjoy your Double BBQ Mac Burger before March 23.

The "double" part you can guess, since we just mentioned that two Beyond Meat patties are at the center of this feasty treat.

The BBQ element? It's the sauce, but there's a ranch component, too, which, really, is a component so many of us long for in these savory situations.

And the "mac"? Oh yes: Mac & cheese add pasta panache to the top of the patties.

And sitting near the mac & cheese, as the hold-it-all-together bread part of the mouth party?

It's a brioche bun. A vegan cheese sauce and lettuce complete the plant-based, stacked-large picture.

Can we dream of a day when mac & cheese is compulsory for all cuisines?

Okay, perhaps we don't need our desserts to arrive with with a gooey pile of mac & cheese on top, nor our beverages, because the mac & cheese would surely sink.

But plant-based burgers have been deserving of more decadent toppings for a good while now, the sort of add-ons that elevate the eating experience.

Find a topping-laden plant-based double burger at Veggie Grill, for a limited time, for $14.95.

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