Made in LA: The Los Angeles County Store

A Silver Lake-based shop features only locally made goods.

If you've ever walked down an aisle of beautiful goods, you might have spent a bit of time picking up various vases, keychains, glassware and notecards to check the place of origin for the product.

So let's just save you some time, right now, just in case you have a visit to the brand-new Los Angeles County Store in Silver Lake in the works. Here's what you'll read on labels as you walk along the store's shelves: made in LA, made in LA, made in LA, made in LA.

Everything is made in LA, or Southern California, inside the shop, which debuts at Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue in Silver Lake on May 2. So, yeah, you probably won't see those labels on every single item -- we were being a bit cheeky -- but consider the "Los Angeles" in the shop's name to be the local label covering all items within.

Founder MaryAnne LoVerme says her shop is "exclusively dedicated to fine goods made in LA." The owner writes on the Facebook page that "Los Angeles has a long history of manufacturing and innovation" and that "it's important to stand behind local craftspeople."

Truth. As for the LA-y items within? Look for "small housewares to artisanal foods to jewelry" and other one-of-a-kind-ery that is giftian in spirit and very likely local (a lot of the merch specifically says or references Los Angeles or California in some way, though not every piece will). 

Yep, it isn't a common thing to enter a store knowing that all pieces within were crafted and realized within 30 or 40 miles of where you stand. But it was that way, practically forever, during human history, so call this the reawakening of the old-school, future-forward, local-loving country store.

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