Made in LA: The Six-Layer Cereal Cake

Performer Charles Phoenix tests the breakfast food limit.

It's best if we start gently here, and a little slowly, and with a good amount of caution, if only because we believe that many people are still reeling from the knowledge that such a thing as a Cherpumple exists, and it is edible, and it was created -- or brought to life, rather, Frankenstein-style -- right here in Southern California.

Funny slide-show historian Charles Phoenix invented the "three different pies baked inside three different stacked cakes" dessert, a sweet that gained notoriety, cocked eyebrows, and ardent fans far beyond the borders of Mr. Phoenix's beloved home of Los Angeles.

Now the chef-hyphenate-humorist-hyphenate-retro-champion is at it again, in his famous test kitchen, and the result is probably about to blow breakfast out of the water.

Or, um, milk? That.

It's the Six-Layer Milk-Soaked Cereal Cake with Frosted Flake Frosting, and if you want to politely triumph over all other desserts at the local bake sale/pot luck, you probably only need to stand in the doorway holding this cereal-laden tower, a treat that's as tall as a shelf lined with cereal boxes is long.

The innovative kitchen tester recently paired a sextet of cereals with their appropriate flavor matches in boxed cake -- think Apple Jacks and spice cake -- and then set the oven to bake. Frosting and Frosted Flakes make up the crunchy-icing filling (and make an easy duo to remember, too).

Step-by-steps are here, with photos. Oh wow. The cakey colors. Look upon them.

Will there be cereal cake at Mr. Phoenix's Museum of Contemporary Art talk on Sunday, Oct. 12? Since it deals with ye olde SoCal architecture -- Vintage LA is the sponsor -- the Lucky Charms-laden dessert will likely not cameo.

But that doesn't mean you can't make it yourself, at home, for friends. With the baking season soon to kick into high, gooey-dough gear, isn't it time you gave the sugar cookies a rest?

Well, no, since everyone likes sugar cookies. Let's not stir up any hornet's nests during the holidays.

Creating a cake out of six cereals, though, will make you the talk of the social season. That is, if you like being the marveled-at center of attention, of course.

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