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Magnolia Bakery Celebrates ‘Seinfeld' at 30

The founded-in-NYC sweet shop'll be fresh-baking classic Black & Whites all July long.

What to Know

  • West Third shop
  • All July
  • $3.50 each

No double-dipping, close-talking, or yada-yada-ing about it: The Black & White is a Big Apple classic, one that rivals pastrami on rye, an oversized slice of pepperoni, the perfect bagel, and soft-as-butter cheesecake.

It's a foodstuff famously associated with New York City, one that popped up on "Seinfeld," and a treat that few people can pass up when visiting a Manhattan bakery.

Now one of Manhattan's sweetest exports, Magnolia Bakery, will pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of the hit sitcom by fresh-baking Black & White Cookies all July long.

If you know your "Seinfeld" trivia, and plenty of people know the show's details as well as they know its many quotable lines, you know that the show first debuted on NBC on July 5, 1989.

Wait, "Seinfeld" is 30? How can that possibly be? Where have the decades gone?

If only we had some serenity, right about now.

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So how can you snag one of these disc-shaped, slightly lemony delectables?

Head to the West Third outpost of Magnolia — that's W. 3rd Street in Los Angeles, not New York, of course — and pick one up for three bucks and fifty cents, while supplies last.

That's a bit more than a ride on the NYC subway, but figure you can take your cookie home, throw in a "Seinfeld" VHS in the ol' videotape player, and nosh away, all while imagining you're on the East Coast.

Or in Studio City, where, yes, the most New-York-ish of series was mostly filmed.

Now it's time to eat one of New York City's tastiest confections, or two of them, or one for each episode you revisit, which means, yes, you'll need to order 180 Black & White cookies in all.

Better step it up, "Seinfeld"-obsessed cookie enthusiasts.

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