Magnolia Bakery Is Making Merrily Monstrous Goodies

A multi-eyed gateau, a candy corn-inspired cake, and pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding are all available for shipping.

Magnolia Bakery

What to Know

  • 8389 W. Third (some items are not available in-store, do note)
  • Monster Confetti Cake is $70 and Candy Corn Confetti Cake is $65 (both can be shipped; ordering ahead with store pick-up is also available)
  • The October spin on the bakery's classic banana pudding is available in-shop and for shipping, too

We're in the snack-size-iest stretch of the calendar right now, which simply means that much of our candy consumption is focused on delectables that are small and rectangular and possibly/probably enrobed in a chocolate coating.

And while we'll always be loyal to nougat- and caramel-filled bars with "Fun Size" on the label, we don't want to pass up the possibility of partaking in other treats that have an excess of October oomph.

One of the most oomphful sweet-making spots in Southern California is going the distance on this frosting-covered front, thanks to a host of enjoy-at-home sweets that really say "Halloween is around the corner."

If that is too much of a mouthful, and you'd rather be putting your mouth to a goodie that has candy corn kapow or banana pudding deliciousness, then make for the Magnolia Bakery site pronto and order some offbeat treats.

Before you turn your wheels in the direction of the mid-city bakery, though, know these special sweets can be shipped, including a cake with three eyes.

It's the Monster Confetti Cake, and the $70 dessert is a "classic vanilla confetti cake" complete with yellow and orange sprinkles. The outside? Its vanilla buttercream, but green, all to give the cake's outer monster design its character.

And the Candy Corn Cake, which is $65? it's also a "classic vanilla confetti cake," but with a candy corn-frosted exterior.

Good to know? There's no actual candy corn within or on the top of this pretty offering.

And if you're bananas for the always-on-the-menu banana pudding, but also love the seasonal spin that the talented bakers put on the gooey goodie, check it out: There's a pumpkin gingersnap banana pudding happening this October, with a symphony of spicy and smooth flavors all working in confection-sweet concert.

While you can find this at the shop, you can also order it online for shipping, oh hurrah.

Keep in mind that while plenty of cupcakes and other yummies can be found at the physical West Third location, some special desserts are made for pre-ordering and shipping. So peruse the site and find out what's on the menu and what's available for ordering before making for brick-and-mortar store.

True story: Fun Size candies are our fun focus when October wraps up.

But we also don't want to miss the creative takes on cakes and puddings found at sweet stalwarts like Magnolia Bakery, and the month is already rushing away at a monstrous speed.

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