Magnolia Bakery's Fun (and Fundraising) Pride Pudding

The bakery's banana pudding, topped with rainbow confetti, will raise money for The Trevor Project over several June days.

What to Know

  • 8389 W. Third Street
  • $4.50 small, but other sizes available
  • 10% of all Pride pudding sales (through June 30) will be donated to The Trevor Project

While Magnolia Bakery, which began cupcaking-up New Yorkers' lives in 1996, has become understandably synonymous with cakey, frosted treats, there are other sought-after icons in its tempting and luscious line-up.

And one of those main players is not a cupcake, but rather a soft, gooey, spoon-ready glop of glorious pudding.

Make that banana pudding, a sweet staple that Magnolia mavens know sometimes changes up, depending upon the season, a holiday, or a wonderful, celebratory event.

Pride Month absolutely qualifies on that festive front, and, to honor the occasion, Magnolia Bakery is changing up its go-to pudding, at least topping-wise, and giving back, too.

Meet the Pride Pudding, which involves banana pudding, vanilla wafers, and rainbow sprinkles on top of the flavorsome confection.

Oh yes, vanilla pudding is involved, too, making it all the merrier and tastier and creamier and yummier.

The pudding is available from through June 30, and here is the very sweetest part of this sweet: Ten percent of sales will go to helping The Trevor Project, "... the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people."

What size to go with, though?

A small is $4.50, but, hey there, there's a party bowl for $75. And throwing a gathering to shine some love upon Pride Month? That is definitely party bowl-worthy, and then some.

Stop by the West Third shop, through the end of June, buy your pudding, help The Trevor Project, and elevate that Pride-filled vibe.

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