Main Street in Santa Monica Becomes a Monopoly Board

Taste of Main Street in Santa Monica takes on a board game theme, complete with play cash.

If you've ever been to a "Taste of" event, one that encompasses a long street or general neighborhood, you know what to expect: You'll get some tickets, or a wristband, and you'll snack your way along the storefronts and restaurants, trying out the local eats one delicately sized portion at a time.

But funkier enclaves will sometimes change that foodie formula right up. Santa Monica's Main Street more than qualifies as funkier, and it is indeed approaching its "Taste of" to-do with a bit of levity.

Oh, and some top hats and monocles, too.

MAINopoly: A Taste of Main Street will roll, much in the same way dice does, on Sunday, May 25. Yep, there's a Monopoly theme going, and, indeed, you're invited to dress as a Monopoly character or in a patriotic fashion, in the spirit of the weekend.

Nope, the street won't be covered in big squares that read "Park Place" and "Marvin Gardens." But "attendees will receive food tastings in exchange for special MAINopoly dollars." And the day is a game of sorts: Visit all of the locations along Main Street and you'll be entered to win a prize "with gift certificates to participating locations."

Cost to taste away your day? Twenty five bucks ahead of time, thirty five on the day of. That's not in Monopoly money, note, but in money money.

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Summer SOULstice and Heal the Bay are the day's beneficiaries.

As for the food, look for ceviche from Enterprise Fish Co., Magic Brownies from M Street Kitchen, and specially priced happy hour menus and drink specials along the way (so keep some extra cash on hand if you'd like an adult beverage.)

And be sure to visit the "Get Out of Jail Free" photo booth. Hey, who is dressing as the dog? The iron? The wheelbarrow? The race car? Get creative, cuisine-seekers.

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