Main Street Electrical Parade Extended

The bulb-bright favorite'll continue to wend down Disneyland's Main Street for much of summer.

More and more of us, it seems, readily lay claim to the notion that "more" was the very first word we ever spoke.

That's right, more. Not "toy," not "spoon," not "puppy," but rather the crystal-clear, no-mistaking-it utterance that typically helped us procure additional ice cream, cookies, cartoon time, blankies.

And if you're an old-school Disneyland fan, of any age, you may have found yourself more-ing in recent weeks, at least where the Main Street Electrical Parade is concerned.

That's right, we speak of the stunner of a sparkly procession, the one that got its start in the summer of 1972, and the very one that is back at the famous theme park for a limited run.

That brief return was set to shutter on June 18, 2017, the 45th anniversary of the parade's inaugural outing, which meant that Electrical aficionados were scrambling to get to Anaheim before the last bulb blinked off.

Surely the notion of "more" was in many a mind as vacations and one-day trips to the Anaheim destination were put together, all to see the parade.

But scramble no more, parade-loving people, or at least slow your scramble a bit: Disneyland Resort announced at the beginning of April that the Main Street Electrical Parade will continue through Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, giving returning fans and first-times another two months to dance along to the peppy synth-sweet song and the iconic sights like "Pete's Dragon."

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The reason by the two-month extension? You guessed it: "(B)y popular demand," meaning fans want more, more, more. 

On-the-go meal packages and dining packages are still available should you want access to a special viewing area for the mega-super-popular, line-the-curbs spectracular.

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