Main Street Electrical Parade Merchandise Debuts

Backpacks, shirts, and other glowful goodies are now available for purchase at Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Resort

Parades do proliferate in our spectacle-obsessed world, and we can probably name all of our favorite floats in our favorite holiday-themed, community-cute processions.

But there's one bright-of-bulb, big-of-character parade that shimmers strongly in our collective imagination, and it has been out in front by a neck — make that Elliott the Dragon's long, long neck — for half a century.

It's the Main Street Electrical Parade, an illuminated extravaganza that's become synonymous with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

It whimsically wended its way through both Anaheim theme parks at various times over the last 50 years, and at Walt Disney World, too, but the colorful cavalcade had its shiny start at The Happiest Place on Earth in 1972.

Now the nighttime spectacular returns to Main Street U.S.A., starting on April 22, 2022, all to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

And adding oomph as the parade circles back into its original home?

(Disneyland Resort)

Adorable apparel, which was created especially for this magical moment. The fresh wearables mean that guests can don their glowful garb before they find a place to enjoy the parade and all of those vibrant vehicles, including the brand-new, super-lengthy grand finale float.

Fans of these famous and fanciful floats can find them depicted in glow ink on a new t-shirt, while leggings, featuring original designs, also add to the MSEP magic.

Oh yes, we said "MSEP," for this parade is so beloved and timeless it has earned its own acronym within the fandom, and beyond.

An ear-topped headband, complete with a large yellow bow, a backpack (Elliott the Dragon, one of the parade's longtime superstars, is featured, as are Alice and Mickey Mouse), and a dress boasting "glow-in-the-dark accents," and a bright pink sash noting the parade's 50th anniversary, are part of the brand-new line-up, too.

And if you're rocking your MSEP tee or dress, where is your treat, the one that's also themed to the parade?

Disneyland recently unveiled a tempting roster of themed eats inspired by the Main Street Electrical Parade, and a Plaza Inn dining package, too.

As for the night-bright nibbles?

Look for Electric Sweet & Salty Popcorn at the Fantasyland Theatre and Small World Popcorn Carts, an Electric Relish Hot Dog at the Refreshment Corner Hosted by Coca-Cola, and the Parade Dreams churro at the Town Square Churro Cart.

And while there aren't hundreds of thousands of parade-themed confections to enjoy — which is, yes, an obvious reference to the hundreds of thousands of LED lights that illuminate the Main Street Electrical Parade — there are several sweets and snacks, available for purchase at a number of spots around Disneyland.

So roll, like Elliott the Dragon does down Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A., over to the Disney Parks Blog now to peruse them all.

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