‘Maisel Day' to Offer '59-Style Deals Around LA

Travel back to the mid-century, at least price-wise, in honor of Amazon's "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

What to Know

  • Thursday, Aug. 15
  • Drybar, Art's Delicatessen & Restaurant, Pink's Hot Dogs
  • Several items will boast 1959 prices; some offers require advance booking

Donning your shiny magenta coat, the one with the swing hem? And the little pillbox hat to match? And your pink pedal pushers, too, and ballet flats, all to complete the lovely look?

Surely you look as stylish as you feel.

And, almost as surely, fans of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," the hit series from Amazon Prime Video, will stop you to cite your Maisel-marvelous fashion sense.

We don't always find the opportunity to swan about in the fabulous fashions of a half century ago, but we can, if we time it just right, and we possess a smidgen of Midge magic, locate deals that reflect the prices of 1959, the era in which the show is set.

And those deals merrily spring up around Los Angeles, with the rat-a-tat-tat of a well-timed joke, on Thursday, Aug. 15.

That happens to be Maisel Day in LA, an Amazon-helmed happening that will give fans and newbies the chance to save money. Oh yes, and to celebrate the fact that "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" has earned 20 Emmy nominations.

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That is definitely not chopped liver, as Midge might crack wise. (Though she does enjoy chopped liver, so perhaps she'd find a more fresh joke, as is her way.)

As for the saving-money-around-LA part of the day? Also not chopped liver, for the limited-time prices for tasty eats, beauty services, movie tickets, and even gas will roll, roll, roll back to 1959 prices.

We mean, to be honest, there should be more "rolls" in that sequence. 

Why? Because the deep discounts are as sensational as a Tight Ten, the flawless comedy routine every performer seeks.

Check it out: A one-night stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Aug. 15 is priced at forty smackers — wow — while gas at the Chevron Santa Monica, at 1819 Cloverfield, will be 30 cents a gallon (you can snag up to 20 gallons).

If your jaw hasn't fully dropped, consider that you can also buy a one-pound box of See's Candies for $1.50 (at The Grove and in Pacific Palisades) and a Maisel Pastrami Sandwich is priced at a penny less than a buck.

Where's that at? At Canter's, of course.

Much in the way that Mrs. Maisel and Susie, her loyal manager and lovably crabby confidante, try and get the info on a new club, you're going to want to know the info on whatever deals you'd like to enjoy.

For example, the Canter's sandwich is available during certain hours, and that rocking Roosevelt deal? It's a walk-in special, on that day, while supplies last.

So read the fine print here, like Midge would before putting her name on a contract, and then find that swing coat and those velvet ballet flats.

For you're headed back to 1959, for a day, thanks to a host of deals that are as delightful and talk-worthy as the soon-to-be-season-3-ing of this sweet and snappy series. 

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