Make a Kimchi Quesadilla With Roy Choi and Portugal. The Man

Funds raised from the virtual cooking class will benefit a local "community in need."


What to Know

  • Sunday, April 18 at 3:30 p.m.
  • Donation levels start at $29.50 (plus service fee)
  • You can find ticket info and the ingredient list on the IMPASTIAMO site

Craving kimchi? The timeless Korean classic, a beautiful bounty of fermented veggies, is way up on so many of our "have to have it daily" lists.

And so is the quesadilla, that cheesy, melty, tortilla-tempting comfort food that is a staple of Mexican restaurant menus and home kitchens everywhere.

Acclaimed LA-based chef Roy Choi has perfected the appetizing art of fashioning fresh prisms from the larger gem of California cuisine. And his tasty take on kimchi quesadillas will be in the virtual spotlight on Sunday, April 18.

That's when Chef Choi will join the Grammy-winning rock outfit Portugal. The Man for an at-home cooking class, one that will raise proceeds that "... will fund a Kogi food giveaway in a selected community in need."

Donation levels begin a pinch under thirty bucks, but upper levels include a tee as well as an opportunity to feed a family of four.

The ingredients? They're listed on the ticket page, so you can stock your kitchen well before the afternoon, together-from-afar gathering.

A gathering that will definitely sport tune-cool cred in addition to Chef Choi's celebrated cuisine-creating talents.

"Roy is one of our favorite people in the world and we tricked him into giving us a cooking lesson," says John Gourley, lead singer and guitarist from Portugal. The Man. "Best part is you get to join us and at the same time help support Roy's efforts to feed the people in need throughout his hometown."

As for the organization helming the stay-home, make-something-wonderful class?

"Created as a way to support chefs whose livelihoods were impacted by the pandemic, IMPASTIAMO has grown into a platform that connects culinary experts to curious home cooks all around the world," shared the non-profit.

Are you ready for the savory spectacular that is the amazing meet-up of kimchi and a quesadilla? Which leads to our second question: Will your kimchi approach and quesadilla-making game ever be the same?

Perhaps this tantalizing mash-up will be your must-make when friends begin to stop by to catch up, visit, and reconnect over a plate of something filling and fabulous.

Sign up now for this one-of-a-kind cooking class with Roy Choi and Portugal. The Man, and help out our neighbors, too. Get the details now.

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