Make a Long-Weekend Splash at an Ocean-Close Pool

The Annenberg Community Beach House is opening its swimming hole for three days.

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What to Know

  • May 25-27, 2019
  • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • $10 adult, $4 youth, $5 senior

Swimmin' holes and summertime are as solid a pairing as sand and the soles of your feet, but finding a dependable place to get your backstroke on can sometimes be a challenge.

Especially around Southern California, where swimmin' holes are somewhat scarce, save the enormous swimmin' hole to our west, the one with the whales and kelp and seals.

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There's a splashy spot, though, that pretty darn close to that, and it has become a go-to for local families looking to cool down on warmer days, all for a ten spot (per grown-up) and a fourver (for each young'un in the group).

It's the Annenberg Community Beach House pool, and while the Santa Monica splasher isn't quite ready to open daily just yet — that begins on June 14, with a final wrap-up on Labor Day — it will throw its doors wide, for three swimful days, over Memorial Day Weekend 2019.

That's Saturday, May 25 through Monday, May 27.

Yep, there's bound to be some May Gray graying up the mornings, or maybe even the afternoons.

Yep, it probably has been too long since you floating on your back and stared at the sky, so best get over the gray day.

If you're still feeling the June-Gloominess, hang tight: Not only will it soon be open every day, and the first two weekends of June, too, but the pool has several special events just ahead, like the World's Largest Swim Lesson, adults-only Sunset Swims, and the Cardboard Yacht Regatta.

It must be summer is inching in, if what goes for a swimmin' hole is starting to summon the swimsuit crowd for a day of play.

Play, by the way, that's just off the beach, and very close to the Pacific Ocean, if you want to visit that other swimmin' hole while you're there.

Hours, rules, and all the swimmin' hole haps? Catch your breath, plug your nose and take the plunge now.

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