Make a Miniature Piñata Car With The Petersen

A few household items, including a toilet paper roll, is all that is needed for this auto-awesome, stay-home activity.

Petersen Automotive Museum

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  • The museum is temporarily closed

How is a car like a piñata?

Both a large vehicle and a small vessel that holds candy, toys, and baubles have an enclosed interior space.

Both can be quite colorful and eye-catching and easy to spot from a distance.

And as far as kid-appeal goes?

Cool automobiles and treat-packed, paper-showy decorations are both tot-pleasing objects, through and through.

Rarely, though, do automobiles and piñatas occupy the same space in our hearts and minds. Unless, of course you gather together a few household items to try and create a small car that looks like a miniature piñata.

And we do mean small: A toilet roll tube will be the center of the project, which is perfect for kid-sized play.

The Petersen Automotive Museum has an easy-to-complete project posted for cute, kid-easy Piñata Cars.

But there are other car-focused, kid-engaging activities, too, if you and your youngsters would like to try and make a hot rod or a license plate.

In addition to offering stay-at-home families car-focused fun times, the Miracle Mile-based museum, which is temporarily closed, is also planning its big, created-for-grown-ups Car Week, an event that will take place virtually throughout the first half of August 2020.

After constructing your small piñata, hot rod, or license plate, peruse all of the events on the Car Week schedule, which includes over a full day's worth of happenings.

Bonus? It's free to sign up.

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