Make a Neon “2” in Glendale, in Honor of a 2-rrific 2022

The Museum of Neon Art class is "2" cool: You'll leave with your own glow-ready number, and nifty knowledge about how neon works.


What to Know

  • "Double Digits: A Two-Making Workshop" at the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale
  • Feb. 22 (or 2/22/22, if you prefer), 5 to 9 p.m.
  • $270

February 2022 is 2, er, too much: We're experiencing a bubble of double delights, with a few dates providing us a plethora of 2s, including one 2-filled occasion that is actually landing on a 2-sday, er, Tuesday.

That day is Tuesday, Feb. 22, or 2/22/22, if you want to break out a full-on super-string of 2-tastic delights.

And while a whole decadent line-up of duo-themed deals and 2-dos, we mean to-dos, will cluster around this once-in-a-lifetime kind of date, something special is afoot at the Museum of Neon Art.

The Glendale institution o' glow is so a-pair-antly into this particularly 2-rrific month that they're devoting a neon-making class to the number 2.

"The '2' is a very special number that symbolizes wealth, splendor, spiritual knowledge, and togetherness," shares the museum.

"On Tuesday, 2/22/22, we will bask in this rare alignment and practice the basic bends for making all neon letter and number forms by bending glass into the shape of the number 2."

The immersive instruction is scheduled for the evening of 2/22/22 and will last four hours.

Artist Kacie Lees will be at the neon-knowing helm, and students can expect to learn plenty about the illuminated art form, as well as those creators who return to numbers for inspiration in their work.

A glass of wine is part of the convivial evening, and, oh yes: You'll get to leave with your new 2, adding to the dyad-focused fun.

Will its light be a light for you in 2022? Will you weave the properties of the number, from wealth to splendor, into your daily life?

Find out more, now, about this 2 cool class, which is putting the meaning of this special month into an artwork that you can hold on 2, er, onto, forever.

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