Make a Pier-Style Funnel Cake (Ferris Wheel Not Required)

Pacific Park just shared a video taking at-home funnel cake fans through the dough-delicious process.

Pacific Park

What to Know

  • Pacific Park shared a video showing how to make its famous funnel cake at home
  • The Santa Monica Pier destination is temporarily closed
  • You'll need a few standard ingredients, plus the ability to fry the cakes, too

So many cookbook authors and television chefs and 'gram-famous foodies have showed us how to make a host of yummy dishes at home over the last couple of months.

In addition, though, to revealing their favorite recipes?

They've sometimes recommended on how to set the stage in your place, all to up the atmosphere surrounding the supper. Colorful napkins or the right playlist have given further flavor to your culinary project.

But you will not, repeat, will not be required to build a full Ferris wheel to enjoy the Pacific Park funnel cake, nor will anyone expect you to construct a pier that extends over the ocean.

For while it is rather difficult to replicate the atmosphere of the Santa Monica Pier in our own homes, we can create one of the pier's most pull-apart-able, dough-strong dishes, a classic of carnival cuisine.

The attraction-packed destination, which is temporarily closed, recently shared a video detailing the steps you'll need to take in funnel cake makery.

There is frying involved, which will not surprise anyone who has ever been in the majestic presence of a funnel cake, so take care, and make sure an adult is at the helm the whole time.

And you'll want to top the end result, too. Strawberries and powdered sugar are the classic last additions, though chocolate lovers often experiment with a dark drizzle or two, which would also be amazing.

So put down the hammer, the lights, and the bolts: You don't need to recreate Pacific Park on your balcony, in your den, or out in the yard.

But maybe some of the music you hear around the ocean-fun location would be nice to have on as you eat your funnel cake, a reminder of salty, surfside days and one super-iconic pier-perfect treat.

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