Make Andersen's Famous Soup at Home, Peas and Thank You

If the hearty taste of this legume-tastic favorite is just what you're craving right now, you're in some kind of luck, Buellton buffs.


What to Know

  • Pea Soup Andersen's in Buellton is temporarily closed
  • You can make its celebrated soup at home
  • Split peas, thyme, carrots, and more are needed

How do you take your bowl of Andersen's Split Pea Soup?

Do you like it lavishly topped with shredded cheese? A few croutons? Some flecks of ham? Or all of the above?

It's a question that's as Californian in nature as whether you prefer your oranges juiced or in segments, or if you like May Gray better than June Gloom.

And it is something you'll now need to ponder, if you're A) in a cooking mood and B) you're missing visits to Pea Soup Andersen's in Buellton.

For Discover Buellton just posted a recipe for the landmark restaurant's iconic, bowl-filling, tum-warming classic, a comforting foodstuff that has kept many a traveler on the move-ahead roll over the decades.

And we do mean "decades" there, for the Buellton Pea Soup Anderson's will celebrate its centennial in just a few years.

So what goes into this perfect pot o' greeny goodness, anyhow?

Yep, those split peas are essential. An onion is, too, for that light, background zing. Celery and carrots? Those healthy additions both play an important part.

And hello: Cayenne adds a bit of kick. Now we know why Hap-Pea and Pee-Wee, Anderson's beloved, toque-wearing mascots, always seem to rocking the impish smiles.

There's more to know about making this enduring lunchtime favorite at home, so if you have thyme, er, time to read more about the ingredients, the steps, and the history of Pea Soup Anderson's, don your own toque and peas read on.

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