Make Knott's Tangy Butterfield Stage Rib Recipe

Will you be attending Taste of Knott's later this month? Connect with some of the park's quintessential flavors by recreating them at home.

Knott's Berry Farm

What to Know

  • Knott's Berry Farm is temporarily closed, but is opening, in part, for special food festivals like Taste of Knott's (advance tickets required)
  • The Knott's Berry Farm Cookbook is available on the site for $20
  • The park has shared free recipes from the book on its site

Satisfying a craving? There's something so, well, satisfying about having that satisfaction flavorfully met.

For if you've fancied a particular foodstuff for a good long while, a dessert or main meal or appetizer that a favorite business makes, and then you finally eat it, it can feel like the conclusion of a delicious dream.

But sometimes delicious dreams, even those that have been well-fulfilled, have a way of whetting the appetite even further, spurring new food-based fancies.

You may have found this out if you attended the recent Taste of Calico at Knott's Berry Farm, the pop-up food festival in the theme park's Ghost Town area.

Or you may be looking ahead, to later August and early September, when Taste of Knott's fills out more of the Buena Park destination.

Either way, you likely like the Knott's noms, and if you're into noming the noshes that Knott's does so well, you're probably into making a few of them at home.

You can, and, with a weekend coming up, you may choose to go big and do ribs. Luckily, there's a free recipe on the Knott's Berry Farm site for the park's Butterfield Stage Spare Ribs.

It's a recipe that's included in the new Knott's Berry Farm Cookbook, which debuted earlier in 2020, but you can enjoy it, in a complimentary way, simply by clicking here.

Some of the tempting ingredients? Berry market honey, sweet pickle relish, and horseradish, for kick, are on the tasty roster.

But there's another add-on, just to make the whole Knott's-style meal all the more nom-able: a recipe for Cornbread Muffins.

The crumb-strong side makes an ideal accompaniment to saucy ribs, so if you choose to make one you might go ahead and make both.

And if you're truly inspired?

The cookbook is available for purchase at the Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace site for $20.

For sure, boysenberry recipes are plentiful, but so are a number of other zingy, make-at-home bites.

Is Knott's responsible for 90% of your dining daydreams? You can bring a few of those home, now, by checking out the freebie recipes on the theme park's site.

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