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Making Boysen Bites at Home Is Knott's So Hard

Whip up a Boysenberry Sparkler Sangria or another tart and tasty theme park recipe in your own kitchen.

Knott's Berry Farm

What to Know

  • Knott's Berry Farm is temporarily closed
  • The Buena Park has shared a few make-at-home dishes
  • You'll need a specific Knott's product, though substitutions are suggested

The countertop where you compose your meals? It is probably located next to a stove or the refrigerator or maybe the sink.

It is definitely not in the vicinity of a roller coaster, or an old-timey saloon, or a stage that features a number of PEANUTS characters, if we might so boldly guess.

Because your kitchen, and everyone else's kitchen, is not inside Knott's Berry Farm.

And yet? There are delicious ways to connect with the popular destination, food-wise, during the coronavirus closures.

Boysenberry is where it all starts, which won't be a surprise to anyone who knows their Knott's and the fruit that helped put the spot in the spotlight so many decades ago.

That might mean having some Knott's Boysenberry Preserves on hand, or another pantry product that summons the flavors you'd find while strolling the Ghost Town area or other part of the park.

Once you've got your Knott's needs, either through the mail or from a store, you're set, for the Buena Park institution recently shared a few make-at-home recipes.

So ask a kid or partner to make the whooshing noises of a nearby roller coaster as you create your own Mini Boysenberry Sour Cream Cheesecakes, a spin on sangria, or Homemade Boysenberry Ice Cream.

Bon Knott's-étit!

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