‘Malice in Wonderland’ Enchants Famed Halloween Boutique

Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar will feature an Alice-awesome theme at its celebrated seasonal shop.

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Roger's Gardens

What to Know

  • Roger's Gardens
  • 2301 San Joaquin Road, Corona del Mar
  • Opens Aug. 30

You don't have to dig too deeply within the world of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" to find examples of natural beauty.

There are trees and caterpillars and flowers and oceans and rabbits and, yes, rabbit holes, too. In fact, the fantastical story draws much of its lasting strength from the wilder world of animals, flora, and forests full of mystery.

It's quite fitting, then, that one of Southern California's most venerable garden shops, a place that also possesses a strong home décor character, would turn to Alice and her strange and wonderful pals for its Halloween Boutique inspiration.

We are, of course, talking about Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar, which has become known for not only stocking some great Halloween-themed decorations, but stocking an impressive, almost overwhelming amount of cool decorations that are dazzlingly displayed over a number of rooms on the property.

And there's always a theme, too, making it a must-stop for fright fans who like their Halloween fun to have a more elegant and gentle vibe. 

The 2019 theme has been announced — it is "Malice in Wonderland" — and while there'll be loads of various Halloween items that cover a whole swath of styles, you can count on seeing rabbit imagery, and caterpillars, and perhaps some Queen of Hearts elements, too, as you wander by the well-tended displays.

It's all free to see, and it all opens to the public on Friday, Aug. 30.

And, yes: Things are for sale, so you can buy and take any treasures you fall in love with home. Which makes an early visit to this shop a must, rather than later in the fall, for displays do get smaller as September progresses.

Curiouser and curiouser? Indeed. Head here now for more Wonder-ful finds that speak of fall, beauty, mystery, and storybook splendor.

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