Marionette Merriment Is Off the String at This Free Fest

The famous Bob Baker figures'll frolic at a LA State Historic Park carnival; crafts, games, and food trucks are in the frolicsome forecast, too.

Kenny Lam

What to Know

  • Saturday, Feb. 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • LA State Historic Park
  • Free

Twirling the world on a string?

A marionette seems to be able to do just that, with ease, humor, and joy.

But just because you have strings doesn't mean you're always going to be attached to a single location, the venue that most people think of when they think of you.

Take the Bob Baker Marionettes, those historic and happy figures that prance, dance, and bring buckets of blissful giggles to kids, and former kids, too.

They do now live in Highland Park, most days, but every now and again the string-rocking superstars skip, hop, and jump away from their theatrical home, all to deliver grins further afield.

That's exactly what they'll do on Saturday, Feb. 29, which just happens to be Bob Baker Day, hooray.

That means a free, pay-nothing, have-lots-of-fun festivity is in store, but, wait for it: It is all happening under the sky, in the outdoors, at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Not only will the marionettes be doing their merry thing in the sunbeams, rather than under stage lights, but a whole carnival will be carnivaling, with games, crafts, and food trucks, too.

Plus? Caboodles of cool folk music, the live kind, will take to the stage, giving families the opportunities to sit back, shake it, or just soak in the sounds.

And the Grand Marshal of the gleeful goings-on? It's Mr. Charles Phoenix, that affable Ambassador of Americana.

Spend this extra day, a "Leap"-lovely holiday, under the sun, at a free, no-strings-attached celebrating honoring some of Southern California's most beloved smile-makers, the Bob Baker Marionettes.

Who says you always have to stick to one spot? Even a string-sweet marionette gets out and about, now and then. Inspiration for us all.

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