Marry Your Sweetheart at the Velaslavasay Panorama

The unusual and whimsical setting for the "Short + Sweet Elopement Pop Up" package? The mysterious art installation's lush garden.


What to Know

  • Three couples can book the Short + Sweet Elopement Pop Up package; weddings will take place on May 22
  • Velaslavasay Panorama is at 1122 W. 24th Street in Los Angeles
  • "The Whole Shebang": $4500 (two-hour venue rental, portrait session, Celebration Cake, and several more festive elements are included)


It can be a mystery. It can evoke ethereal feelings, deep notions, and a splendid sort of emotional musing, the sort of flights of fancy that send the head and heart happily reeling.

Art, love's not-so-distant cousin, easily evokes a caboodle of strongly realized emotions and notions, too.

And the notion of nuptial-ing in a place that celebrates art, ideas, and wonderful whimsy, too? It's like you and your betrothed are exchanging rings in a place that feels like a piece of your larger shared puzzle.

That can happen on May 22, when the "Short + Sweet Elopement Pop Up" says "I do" at the Velaslavasay Panorama.

The ethereal installation, which pays enchanting tribute to "the illustrious history of the great panorama paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries," boasts a lush and leafy garden, which is where a trio of ceremonies are set to take place over the course of a day.

Helmed by the team behind the Short + Sweet Elopement Pop Up, the ceremonies will include a cake, portrait session, a two-hour rental of the space, a Champagne toast, and a truly bespoke marriage certificate as imagined by the Velaslavasay Panorama team.

There are other knot-able, er, notable features of the package, so do read all here.

It's a package and place that feels flush with fanciful whimsy, something that the Short + Sweet Elopement Pop Up team knows much about.

They've helped make intimate dream weddings come true in other slightly surreal, always spectacular spaces around Southern California, including the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and the Integratron in Landers, near Joshua Tree National Park.

The not-so-petite panorama garden package, created for a prettily petite ceremony, will be once again helmed by event pros who have a knack for playful panache, from portraiture that is anything but typical to beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres.

The team is committed to safety precautions, making it a splendid day for those who gather in the garden.

In a time when many weddings have been postponed, cancelled, or reimagined, a more imaginative approach is required, especially for those couples that approach life with imagination to spare.

For more information on marrying in a one-of-a-kind spot, in a stylish ceremony that is simultaneously quirky and classy, visit the Short + Sweet Elopement Pop Up site now.

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