Mash-up Foodies, Make for Grand Central Market

A few vendors have teamed up to fashion fresh dishes and drinks. The occasion? The DTLA landmark's 103rd anniversary.

Grand Central Market

What to Know

  • Weekly Market Mash-ups in honor of the landmark's 103rd anniversary
  • Through Nov. 5, 2020
  • A Watermelon Michelada from Golden Road Brewing and La Huerta Candy is available through Oct. 22

Calling upon a colossal public market, the sort of stall-packed wonderland that features all sorts of foods from places near and far, is a foodie's dream outing.

And if you're an avowed foodie, the sort of person who prides yourself on your variety-craving palate, you're not going to stick to just one eatery, bakery, or bar.

You're going to load up your tray, and try a few different and distinct bites, all to get a sweeping sense of the scrumptious scene.

What if, though, two of the food-makers and beverage-inventors in a public market teamed up on a special dish or drink? And after they teamed up, they mashed up some of their best offerings, all to come up with something memorable, collaborative, novel, and celebratory?

You don't have to wonder about this tantalizing prospect a second longer, for it is happening now, through Nov. 5, at Grand Central Market.

The DTLA public market is marking its 103rd anniversary, and a number of vendors fashioned fab foods and sips, in partnership with other market vendors, all to honor the moment.

These special "Market Mash-ups" will roll out through late October and into early November.

Up first and happening through Thursday, Oct. 22? Golden Road Brewing and La Huerta Candy have co-created a Watermelon Michelada and a Mango Michelada.

What did each participant contribute?

Check out the bright-flavor'd goodies that comprise the Watermelon Micheleda: It boasts "... Melon Cart beer, frozen watermelon cubes, watermelon juice, Michelada mix, chamoy and tajin-sugar rim. Garnished with fresh watermelon from Torres Produce and La Huerta watermelon gummies and sour belts."

Both La Huerta and Golden Road, in short, are well-represented in the lively libation, a picture-worthy glass that has oomph for the eye as well as the taste buds.

Partnerships still to come during the Market Mash-up roll-out include Fat & Flour and DTLA Cheese (mmm, focaccia is the flavorful focus) on Oct. 25 and 26, and Knead Pasta Co. and Ramen Hood (the collaboration dish is the Knead Porcini Chitarra Pasta) from Oct. 29 through Nov. 5.

In other timely news? Grand Central Market is an official polling location, a first for the historic gathering place.

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