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Masters Mavens, Take a Virtual #TourDePageant

Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach's stand-still spectacular, is visiting some of the famous paintings that they've recreated on stage.

Pageant of the Masters

What to Know

  • Pageant of the Masters
  • The Laguna Beach summer production is featuring some of its most famous recreated paintings online
  • Twice a week, all April long

Finding stillness in these days of keeping close to our digs?

Many people are seeking such moments. And there are ways to help us manage our inclinations to rush around, such as enjoying art and ideas online.

Of course, there is a California-based troupe that understands what it is to remain still, in the most literal, before-your-eyes way.

It's Pageant of the Masters, the Laguna Beach outfit that's delighted sold-out audiences for nearly nine decades now.

How so?

By standing like statues, "inside" elaborate recreated paintings. They're wondrous sights to behold, feats that involve amazing cosmetics, costuming, and stagecraft, and fans around the region and beyond eagerly anticipate the summer production each year.

The help us find beauty as we remain #SaferatHome, the people behind Pageant of the Masters is presenting #TourDePageant twice weekly, through the end of April, on its social media pages.

The online dive into great masterpieces "... will bring notable pieces of art from around the world to everyone’s living room through incredibly faithful re-creations of classical and contemporary works of art, with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the original pieces."

Call the #TourDePageant a fascinating window back into some of the Pageant's best-loved recreations over the years. Recent artists featured on the Pageant's social media have included Édoard Manet and David Hockney, but keep checking back for more icons of the canvas.

Can you almost feel those cool evening breezes, the kind that come off the Pacific, as you settle in for an evening at Pageant of the Masters?

If you're looking to connect with a favorite summer tradition, be sure to follow the #TourDePageant, all April long, for uplifting moments of the artiest sort.

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