McConnell's to Debut Two Top-of-Summer Tastes

The storied, started-in-Santa-Barbara ice cream maker has a pair of season-sweet flavors on the way.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

What to Know

  • Boysenberry pie debuts in shops and online on July 27
  • S'mores arrives in shops and online on Aug. 4
  • Fans can also sign up for the Pint of the Month Club and receive ice cream delivered to their homes

Picking a particularly emblematic taste for every day of the calendar?

That's quite a task, and one that not many of us could accurately complete. After all, filling 365 days with iconic flavors, the sorts of flavors that go with the day in question, would probably prompt us to go with some iffy picks.

But late July and early August?

That's a window that absolutely brims with distinctive flavors, tastes, foods, and eating experiences.

Tomatoes and corn come to mind, but so do sweeter choices, the kind of foods that regularly pop up at summertime events.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams has served its famous cold desserts through more than a few summers. The scoop shop began in Santa Barbara in 1949, and generations of Californians have come to know its quality ice creams, both in its shops and now in grocery stores and online.

And to celebrate this truly taste-full time of year, the moment when July meets August? There are two soon-to-be released flavors just ahead.

Boysenberry pie ice cream will sweeten cones and bowls starting on July 27.

You can find online and in scoop shops, should you crave this tart treasure and all of the dairy deliciousness that enhances its fruit-big character.

That pie crust element? Oh yum: It's rye pie crust, made from dark rye flour, which adds a "deep nuttiness."

And on Aug. 4?

That's when s'mores will be available.

Like boysenberry pie, you'll be able to find s'mores ice cream online and in McConnell's shops.

The honey graham crackers are homemade, and the ice cream? It's vanilla-marshmallow, adding another luscious layer.

Whatever flavor you choose, it is still summer, very much so, so ice cream eating is the order of the day. And that is how you pair days of the year with the foods that best represent them: By simply filling in "ice cream" on every summer square on your calendar.

That works, 100%.

Can't make it to a scoop shop right now? If you'd like to get McConnell's goodies delivered to your home, that's possible through the Pint of the Month Club.

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