ME-OM: Do Yoga With Adoptable Cats

Don your stretch-ready togs and meet felines at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center.

"How much is that doggie in the window?" is a classic song lyric that still holds a lot of resonance for animal lovers, for the act of spying a sweet face and wagging tail is an eternal heart-tugger.

But meeting your future pet isn't as straightforward nor by-the-book as it used to be. While adoption events still can successfully pair humans with furry snouts just by facilitating an eye-to-eye meet-up, rescue groups and organizations are going further in the "let's make this match happen" department.

Look to ME-OM: Yoga with Adoptable Cats, an stretch-and-purr gathering at Best Friends NKLA Pet Adoption Center on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Best wear your comfiest, move-freely togs, for you'll be downward-dogging among a clutch of whiskery-faced cats.

These are all felines who call the center home, and they all are ready for their next stop, the bed/den/apartment/yard they'll call their own. So if you look over while in pigeon pose and find your soul mate nearby, cleaning his face with his paw, then yoga class was a success (but even if you don't, hey, you just did yoga alongside some cats, so that is also exceedingly nice).

This session will "provide an environment for our adoptable cats and kittens to socialize outside of their condos and a chance to show potential adopters their personality!"

So here's your next offbeat acquaintance-maker: A yoga session alongside sweet-of-face, home-ready purrers. The class cost is a $20 donation, Stephanie Kang (Turtle Flow Yoga) is leading, there shall be snacks like a fig bar and coconut water, and you'll be able to use a loaner mat.

Do note that the 45-minute class will be filmed (film that will, fingers crossed, take the cat-yoga-adopt magic far and wide).

And do note that should you fall in love and adopt the furry one who strolled by your mat as your performed Cat-Cow, your $20 class fee will then be used towards the fee for adopting the little muffin.

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