Meatless Monday: Impossible Burger at Umami Burger

Veggie burgers? You may have had a few, but nothing quite like this one.

Vegetarian burgers, those meat-free patties that are typically found in the frozen aisle at our local market, have become a quick-to-make, tummy-filling staple of many at-home cooks' menu plans. 

We call them "veggie" burgers, for short, and while they've long boasted a host of ingredients, from soy crumbles to kidney beans to various spices, few fans anticipated that a whole new sort of veggie burger would one day roll into appetite-stoking view.

The Impossible Burger, from Impossible Foods, recently did, and the "plant-based" vegetarian patty garnered a lot of attention among food writers for how similarly it compares to a meat burger in appearance, texture, and taste. But meat, it has none, not a whit, though where to find such an unusual meat-free burger became a bit of a question mark.

The answer? Umami Burger, known for its savory, zingily condimented meat burgers is now serving The Impossible Burger, a double-patty'd affair that comes piled high with a host of additions, including "caramelized onions, American cheese, miso-mustard, house spread, dill pickles, lettuce, and tomato..."

The price? It's $16.95. And while many people observe Meatless Mondays on the regular, note that The Impossible Burger is available every day of the week, though supply is limited, so arriving earlier in the day to place your order is a smart move.

That's not the only fresh thing on the Umami Burger line-up: Milkshakes made with spirits expressly for grown-up lovers of dessert drinks are also now available at The Grove location.

Fernet-Branca is the spirited star of the Hipster Hopper, a mint chocolate concoction, while bourbon is the main player in the French Fry Hot Tub, a milkshake that includes creme de cacao, caramel, coriander, salt, and vanilla ice cream.

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It isn't every day, or even every year, that something savory like coriander winds up in a drinkable dessert, but then not ever restaurant serves a vegetarian burger that doesn't look like the traditional vegetarian burgers we know.

Are you observing Meatless Monday? How about Meatless Every Day?

Find your nearest Umami to try this buzzed-about non-burger burger, and, if you're over 21, and feeling that creamy beverage vibe, a grown-up, spirited milkshake, too.

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