Meet a Little Pup with a Big Job

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Ben Arnst
Eski is the newest recruit on the life-saving Squawdogs team.
Ben Arnst
Squawdogs is a rigorously trained unit of canines devoted to "Avalanche Rescue and Recovery."
Ben Arnst
The group's newest member isn't out in the field yet. He is, after all, just 7 weeks old, but soon he'll be big enough to help out his fellow team members on their missions.
Ben Arnst
This furry fellow is a sixth-generation Squawdogs team member.
Ben Arnst
Eski, like other members of the Squawdogs unit, are also part of the larger Search & Rescue efforts around the Lake Tahoe area.
Ben Arnst
He's got a ways to go, though. One day Eski won't fit so easily into a bag, but for now he can. Cue the "awwwws."
Ben Arnst
There are nine teams on the Squawdogs unit, and each team includes a dog and a handler.
Ben Arnst
Getting used to people zooming around on skis? Young Eski is already on it.
Ben Arnst
Learn more about the Squawdogs, and watch how Eski grows, at the team's official site. Following the social pages for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is a great way to follow Eski's adventures, as well as what all of the beautiful dogs on this important team.
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