Mega Traveling Harvest Festival Gets Crafty

The 46-year-old handmade spectacular has three regional dates ahead, with Ventura up first.

What to Know

  • Ventura County Fairgrounds
  • Oct. 5-7
  • 2018 dates in Del Mar and Pomona still ahead

A craft show, the kind of event rife with handmade wooden boxes and gorgeous quilts and quirky toys, may occur on any date of the year.

But autumn?

It's a season that's pretty much Craft Show Time Central, and no other time of the year can hold a claim on that particular crown.

The Scene

What to do, where to go and what to see

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Call it the nostalgic factor of fall, or the approaching holidays, or pin it on the cool-down weather: Craft shows turn up with all the regularity of leaves dropping from trees.

Of course, leaves aren't quite dropping from trees just yet, around Southern California, but we can find a huge dose of fall-a-tude at the Ventura County Fairgrounds from Friday, Oct. 5 through Sunday, Oct. 7.

That's when the Harvest Festival sets up sizable shop, and if you've been attending this traveling crafts-and-more extravaganza every year it has been around, then you've been going for an impressive 46 years, all told. 

True, it has been visiting Ventura for 29 years, but it can trace its roots even further back.

It's a biggie, and venerable, and oodled-out with stuff to see and purchase, thanks to the dozens upon dozens of booths selling pumpkin-y goodies, and stand-out photographs, and quirky necklaces, and all sorts of artisanal items, both for keeping for one's self and gifting at the holidays.

There's food to nosh upon, too, to keep your craft-browsing energy up, and some autumn-sweet sights, like stilt-walkers or other entertainers.

General admission? It's nine bucks.

If you can't make Ventura over the first weekend in October, stay happy, craft fair fans: Del Mar and Pomona are both on the Harvest Festival's 2018 itinerary, with dates still to come.

Plus? It's headed for NorCal, too. Get the details.

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