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Meow-y and Bright: Pasadena Humane's Whisker Wonderland Event

The adoption fair will feature a host of adorable felines, including several rescued from a hoarding situation.

Pasadena Humane/sakchai vongsasiripat

What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • 361 S. Raymond Avenue in Pasadena
  • The adoption event will feature a number of seasonal touches, including tunes and a photo booth

So much of our celebrating, in December, is understandably centered around our scritch-able, kissable, soft-of-ear, swishy-of-tail companions.

We want to make sure that they have a cozy bed, holiday-themed toys, snacks that pay tasty tribute to the season, and, oh yes: That the sparkly ornaments on our tree are placed high, so high that curious little paws can't reach them.

In short? It isn't Christmas without our cats, those joy-bringing beings that truly do rule our roosts, all year long, whatever month the calendar reads.

If you're hoping to welcome a new bewhiskered friend into your life before the new year begins, there's a purrfect, er, perfect event coming right up: Pasadena Humane's Whisker Wonderland.

The adoption fair will take place at the organization's historical Raymond Avenue headquarters, over three sweet hours on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Adding to the holiday theme? There shall be music, and a photo booth, and other tender touches that combine our catly affection for animals and the yuletide spirit.

You'll meet a lot of felines during your visit, too, including many that were just rescued from a hoarding situation, only days ahead of the fair (some 52 cats were found, shared the organization, and they're now "in stable condition").

Asking questions of the volunteers, and learning more about the cats that have caught your eye, is also encouraged.

Have you been thinking of a new prickly-of-tongue, kneading-of-paw pal? A kitten or a senior cat, perhaps, to snuggle and adore throughout the winter, and several sweet seasons to come?

There will be so many cuties to meet during this heartwarming happening, an event that has a merry mission, indeed: Place cats in loving homes, where they'll remain for all of their cozy and cuddlable days.

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