Meow's the Time: Celebrate Cat Day by Dressing as a Feline

Crumbs & Whiskers, the cat café, is holding a contest for in-person visitors and virtual fans in honor of the national holiday; there shall be prizes and freebies.


What to Know

  • Friday, Oct. 29
  • Book a time slot at Crumbs & Whiskers and wear something divinely feline; you'll receive a free food or drink item. Or post a pic of yourself in a cat costume to Instagram or TikTok and tag @crumbs_whiskers
  • A trio of winners will be able to put their paws on a Crumbs & Whiskers merchandise bundle

Cats don't dress up like humans, even if they do often display qualities that can seem quite human-like.

Whether it is giving love, rocking a bit of a well-earned imperious attitude, or haunting the cupboard with dinner in it, felines can do amazing impressions of their people.

But when humans want to pay an affectionate ode to cats, we need some help.

Nuzzling our cheek on someone or giving our hand a tongue bath isn't going to cut it, so we must turn to feline fashion to truly capture the spectacular spirit of our animal companions.

If you just happen to have some of that feline fashion in your closet, and you've been wanting to return to Crumbs & Whiskers, the Melrose Avenue-based cat café, there's no better time to do so than Friday, Oct. 29.

For that's National Cat Day, and the café is throwing a meow-worthy event that includes both in-person visitors and virtual fans.

Are you swishing your tail, longing to know more? Here it is: Book a spot on Oct. 29 at the café, dress in your cat-tastic best, and stop by to enjoy the adoptable kits, all sweeties you can cuddle, bond with, and coo over.

But the cuddles aren't the only nice thing about the day: If you call upon Crumbs & Whiskers in meow mode, with whiskers, ears, and the works, you'll enjoy a free bite or beverage. Oh yes, and you'll also score 30% off a future visit.

But wait: You say you're planning on paying tender tribute to National Cat Day from home?

Snap a picture of yourself rocking your full feline ensemble, post it to Instagram or TikTok, and tag @crumbs_whiskers. You can do that in the days leading up to Oct. 29, or post on National Cat Day, if that's your preference.

Three feline aficionados will win a merchandise bundle that's themed to, purrrrrr, Crumbs & Whiskers.

Important advice from the Crumbs & Whiskers team? If you're going to feline-up, truly incorporate a lavish look, and not simply some drawn-on cheek whiskers.

"(R)emember, we want you to go all out!," says the team, and we get that: Cats are so majestic to behold, there's plenty of directions you can go with your catly costume, from fun furry paws to a little bell on your super-sparkly collar.