Mermaid Month in Ventura Is a Sight to Sea

March is Mermaid Month around charming Ventura Harbor Village.

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What to Know

  • March is Mermaid Month at the ocean-adjacent area
  • Mermaid Meet-and-Greets happening on March 7 and 21
  • The Mermaid Peoples Parade will sparkle on March 21

So you say that you spent the winter months practicing your trench diving and your conch retrieval and your seahorse communication skills?

You've been quite busy, dear mermaids and mermen of Southern California.

But now the time is nearly here to cut loose for awhile, landlubber-style, as one of Ventura County's most scenic seaside burgs salutes the fanciful fictional favorites of the deep.

Are they fictional, though? Many a mermaid, in full mermaid regalia, will call upon Ventura Harbor Village during March, which just happens to be Mermaid Month at the shop-packed, eatery-fun hamlet.

They'll be rocking those iconic, scale-covered tails, yes, as well as the requisite shells in their hair. Young mermaid fans will also gather for a number of events, and, true story, they'll also be wearing their scale-shiny best.

As for what mermaid mavens can expect during the annual event, which is now a must-swim-by springtime happening at the water-close village?

Mermaid Meet-and-Greets are the sweet centerpieces of both March 7 and 21 (indeed, those are both Saturdays, which may be the most mermaid-y and merry of all the days).

Scavenger hunts will also be on the schedule at both of the events, and a host of other ocean-awesome goings-on, too.

There's also a "Mermaid Peoples Parade" on March 21, which seems like a fine and flipper-tastic way to spend the first Saturday of spring.

And popping up at the village stores? A host of "specials and sales," all month long, which will draw their inspiration from the world 'o mermaid magic.

Winter is drawing to a close, and all of the must-dos on your list, dear mermaids. Now it is time to make a splash, take some snapshots, and stroll in a parade that must be sea-en, we mean seen, to be believed.

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