Merry MagicMania Here to Magic-Up the Holidays

"A Very Merry MagicMania" set to ensorcell holiday audiences at Santa Monica Playhouse.

What to Know

  • Nov. 24 through Dec. 23, 2018
  • Santa Monica Playhouse
  • $40

There are more Santa hats than top hats seen around the holidays, and while woodland animals pop up in a lot of seasonal cartoons, rabbits aren't necessarily the stars of the shows.

And yet? We use the word "magic" an awful lot as the year wraps up, to describe light displays and Christmas trees and the general hum in the air.

But what if an actual on-stage magic show, a production that's been abracadabra'd solely for the most festive stretch of the year, could increase the whole magic-a-tude flowing through our minds and hearts?

That's the ensorcelling set to happen at Santa Monica Playhouse on select dates from Saturday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Dec. 23.

The name of the act-packed show is "A Very Merry MagicMania," and audience members can expect a "... festival of 30 ever-changing magic and variety acts over the course of nine shows and five weekends."

That's a buncha a magic, you bet. More magic than you can stuff in a stocking or stick in a box with a bow.

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An array of top-notch, how'd-they-do-that magicians, including Jon Armstrong, Eric Buss, Misty Mew, Ivan Pecel, and host Albie Selznick will be jangling the rings, shuffling the cards, and now-you-see-it-now-you-don't-ing before a live audience.

An audience that should definitely including kids age 8 and older, if your youngster is into the magical arts. This'll be at treat, though you may spend the ride home listening to your aspiring magician attempt to figure out the logic behind the illusions.

A ticket? It's $40, so wave your hands over whatever bank account or money source you use now, and conjure up your seat for a magical holiday bon bon of a mind-bending show.

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