Metrolink Is Treating Cyclists to Free Rides

The passenger rail service is celebrating "Bike to Work Week" with complimentary trips and a big giveaway.

miodrag ignjatovic

The act of clearing one's head before the start of a workday, a shift, an overnight, or a few hours on the job is as personal as one's choice of bicycle.

Calming music, positive affirmations, or a few minutes playing with a pet: These are all uplifting pre-work rituals, but such rituals also might involve spinning your wheels, feeling the wind whoosh around your handlebars, and soaking in some sunlight, too.

If riding your bike to work, or part of the way, is an essential element of your prep process, Metrolink wants to say "thank you," and show its appreciation during Bike to Work Week.

The week lifts its kickstand from May 16 through 20, and the passenger rail service will celebrate with complimentary rides for all cyclists rolling in with their bikes.

"Metrolink's bike-friendly passenger trains are perfect for a summer travel adventure as well as for those riders who use their bikes for part of their commute," Metrolink Board Chair Ara Najarian said.

"And during Bike to Work Week we invite everyone to bring their bike and take the train to work or anywhere they like, free for the entire week."

There's also a Cycle SoCal sweepstakes happening in honor of the Bike to Work Week. An Aventon e-bike is the giveaway's headliner, with other goodies in the mix, like a Metrolink Monthly Pass.

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The details can be found on Metrolink's site.

And Metrolink has teamed up with trail-knowing pros AllTrails on a "specially curated lineup of trails within two miles of a Metrolink train station," which can be found here.

To make the journey a cinch for cyclists, Metrolink provides bike storage lockers at nearly two dozen of its stations, and 34 Metrolink stations boast bike racks. And on the train itself?

More amenities await on the stow-your-wheels, savor-the-rails Bike Car.

"On Metrolink trains, there is a special 'Bike Car' designed to secure up to nine bikes on the lower level, while all our passenger cars have some area for bicycle storage," Metrolink CEO Darren Kettle said.

"These accommodations make it easier for our riders to get to a destination easily and with fun."

Fun is the key over the next few months as we all get out and enjoy our Southern California summer."

For more on the service's "Summer of Adventure" offerings, which run through August, turn your handlebars in the direction of the Metrolink site.

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