Mexican Curly Fries: LA County Fair's Yummy Eats

Offbeat edibles on Pomona plates? It's a September tradition.

Fair food regret is a real and powerful force, one experienced by dozens, if not hundreds, of fair goers each county fair season. 

We don't speak of the regret of eating that third hot dog -- really, now, should you have ordered it, and with extra fried onions on top, too? -- but rather the feeling one gets as they exit the fair. Did they try all of the strange snacks? Were they adventurous enough, in the eating department?

Stow those regrets, if you had them at the recently wrapped OC Fair. You've got another chance to devour deep-fried everything, and a few highly weird 'n whimsical treats, when the Los Angeles County Fair debuts in Pomona on Friday, Sept. 4.

Yep, The Funnel Cake Burger will also pop up in Pomona, as it did in Costa Mesa -- think of two disc-shaped funnel cakes in the place where a bun would be -- and the Fried Peanut Butter Pickle will be gooey-ing up the sticky hands of fair foodies, too. And a Pig Trough option appeals to pork fans who like pork and a lot of it.

As for that much-talked-about Cinnamon Fireball Texas Donut? Which indeed contains whiskey and bananas and whipped cream? If you missed it on the midway at the OC Fair & Event Center, the dough-tastic creation will be for sale at the three-week September extravaganza, a party that's often called "the nation's largest county fair."

French fry fanatics, however, will likely skip the more dessert-centered snackage in favor of Juicy's Mexican Curly Fries, a ball-ish shape of fries topped with cheese and jalapenos and beans. 

Attendees will have hundreds of booth choices to choose from, with about 300 in all, but look for the lines at Chicken Charlie's and Juicy's and the places that coat vegetables and cookies and fruits in batter and throw 'em in bubbling oil.

If the beverage landscape is more your jam, take heart: Wine, beer, and spirit tasting shall also make a sippable stand, over in the Corks & Pints area.

What are your food regrets from Ventura and OC and San Diego? Even if you went to all of the local county fairs this summer, you probably left out one or two luscious treats. Time to make good, in Pomona.

The LA County Fair is on from Sept. 4 through 27, 2015. 

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