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Mickey's Deli Just Brought Back Those Bigger-Than-a-Pizza Slices

Honestly, these are some sizable slices. But better get yours soon: The limited-time deal wraps in late October.

Mickey's Deli

What to Know

  • Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria in Hermosa Beach
  • 20-inch pizza slices ("bigger than a pizza") are priced at $17.75 each; additional toppings are $1.99 each
  • Through Oct. 30, 2022

October is the ultimate time for treats, but, for the most part, these autumn goodies are of the gooey variety, the sugar-topped, chocolate-drizzled, caramel-filled fantasies that festoon the candy aisles at our local stores.

But there's another unusual and appetizing offering that has become locally known for its limited-time return when fall arrives: A pizza slice that's bigger than a traditionally sized pizza.

The place for this cheese-melty, sauce-strong slice of snapshottable goodness? It's Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria, a Hermosa Beach staple that will soon celebrate its 70th anniversary.

True, this 20-inch slice is pretty much, totally and really, oh-so-actually a pizza.

Meaning? The slice isn't sliced out of a larger slab of baked dough, in the way a regular slice would be, but rather is a pizza in its own right, one that is shaped, pre-oven, into a familiar and traditional triangle.

Still, this sizable slice is a photo-fun feature that has proven popular for Mickey's over the years, and fans look forward to its October return.

Why October, you might ask, given that desserts and confections tend to rule our hankerings during the tasty tenth month? October is also National Pizza Month, meaning deals, giveaways, and the occasional colossal slice can and do pop up at our local pizza palaces.

And return, the mega slice most definitely has, but not forever. So you'll need to pick up your $17.75 slice by Oct. 30, 2022.

That price is for the sauce-meets-mozzarella classic, but if you'd like your gigantic slice with pepperoni or additional toppings, keep in mind that those are available for an additional $1.99 (per topping).

"Our pizza is truly authentic, and we are excited to bring back this deal everyone has come to love during National Pizza Month so they can enjoy a signature 20-inch pizza slice," said Paul Mance, owner of Mickey's Italian Deli & Pizzeria and the son of Michael Angelo "Mickey" Mance, the restaurant's founder.

"This was very popular last year, and we are grateful for everyone who turned out to get a bite during the month of October."

"We look forward to welcoming new and returning faces over the next few weeks as everyone gets their slice and leaves the pizzeria with an authentic, mouth-watering pizza of their own."

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