Midsummer Scream Tickets Are on Sale, Eek

Halloween arrives early in Southern California, as does a money-saving opportunity to secure your entry to a major summertime fright fest.

Fernando Vazquez Miras

What to Know

  • 40% off with the code MSS2020
  • July 31-Aug. 2, 2020
  • Long Beach Convention Center

Your yard, your front walkway, or the flower box hanging from your kitchen window sill?

It probably is rather lush with geraniums at the moment, or pansies, or lavender, or perhaps the just-blooming California poppies.

But pumpkin vines? The kind of tangly and leafy vines that say eerie and orange orbs are on the way?

We're guessing your garden, at present, is distinctly lacking in squash-based sights of the spookiest sort.

Best plant a few spooky seeds, though, for something else atmospheric will soon bloom before we know it: Midsummer Scream, the huge Halloween-prep party, a five-years-along super-con that is expanding to three days in 2020.

Tickets for the convention, which includes pro-packed panels on monster make-up, previews of the haunted attractions at area theme parks, and so many creative vendors to shop, went on sale on Friday, March 6.

And we do mean "on sale," for tickets are 40% off with the code MSS2020, if the discount isn't applied already.

Indeed, this is the pre-sale period, so you won't want to linger too long before alighting among your entry, much in the way a vulture might alight upon a rickety old tree branch outside of a creaky old mansion.

The 2020 dates may seem rather down-the-road-ish, but it'll give you time to put together the imaginative outfit you'd like to wear to the Long Beach Convention Center on July 31-Aug. 2, 2020.

Or maybe you'll attend each day of Midsummer Scream while rocking a knock-your-socks-off costume of the weirdest variety?

Halloween mavens do have a well-deserved reputation for going all-out in the vampire/zombie/ghost department, and months often go into the planning of a single look.

True story: Halloween is over seven scream-tastic months away. But people around our region? They start crafting creepy decorations and ghoulish get-ups well before the summer solstice, and sometimes, if they're truly bewitched by the haunted happening, even the spring equinox.

That's where we're at now, so secure your ticket to an event that will show you how to jump-start your jump-scares and make this Halloween the best ever.

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