Milk Bar Has a Crackly New Carrot Cake

Find the Carrot Marshmallow Crackle Cake at the company's Melrose flagship store; you can ship it, too.

Milk Bar

What to Know

  • Carrot Marshmallow Crackle Cake
  • The limited-time goodie is available at Milk Bar's Melrose store; you can have it delivered locally or shipped nationally, too
  • $59 for a six-inch cake; Carrot Marshmallow Crackle Cake Truffles are also available in-store

Few people would disagree with the following food-centered facts: A carrot is crunchy, mostly, while carrot cake is not.

Oh, for sure, a moist, frosting-laden confection may boast semi-crunchy shredded carrots, if that's the baker's preference, but, on the whole, this cake is not going to have the chomp-strong qualities of the root vegetable that inspired it.

But there is a way to incorporate more crunch-a-bility into a classic carrot cake: the inclusion of cereal. Specifically, a "crackling brown butter cereal" that has "pop" aplenty, a toothsome and textural addition to the springtime sweet.

And now that spring has sprung, and Easter is hopping our way, Milk Bar has unveiled its latest limited-time creation, a goodie that may be purchased at the Melrose flagship store, delivered locally, or shipped around the nation.

It's the Carrot Marshmallow Crackle Cake, a gateau that boasts marshmallow icing, tiny marshmallows to up the general merriness, and the aforementioned crackly cereal, to add some light crunch.

Oh yes: And plenty of carrot-iness, an important trait in a treat that just may draw the Easter Bunny to your house.

Of course, you may finish this cake before the holiday's famous hare has a chance to hop by: It's available for ordering now, with a six-inch cake priced at $59.

But wait: Are you looking for more petite sweets with a creamy carrot-y crunch?

Milk Bar is also offering Carrot Marshmallow Crackle Cake Truffles at its bakery. The bite-sized yummies feature "... rolled pieces of lightly spiced carrot cake packed with bits of marshmallow and yummy marshmallow fluff and cream cheese."

And the coating? It's "white chocolate and sweet crispy crumbs."

Find these fanciful desserts, and more goodies for the Easter table (or anytime table, if you're a carrot connoisseur), at Milk Bar now.

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