Million Pin Challenge: Bowl and Give Back

Find a participating bowling alley, jump into a free game, and support Feeding America!

The distinctive clatter made by a bowling ball carving a path through a cluster of pins is not a sound that's easily replicated. It belongs solely to your local bowling alley, and to hear it the moment you walk in the front door is to know you're about tie on the two-toned shoes and strike a bowl-ready pose.

Now picture, with your ears if you will, the clatter of a million pins falling, if not all at once, then over several hours and across this great, bowl-happy country.

That's exactly what happens during the Million Pin Challenge, an annual Bowlmor AMF happening that'll again take to the lanes of bevies of bowling alleys for another round of giving back. Feeding America is the beneficiary of the event, a have-fun fundraiser that includes a free game for all participants on Saturday, Aug. 13.

Say what? That's National Bowling Day, you say? Well right you are. It is, and our alleys'll see throngs of big-hearted bowlers looking to mark the holiday and help Bowlmor AMF in its quest to "donate half a million meals to Feeding America."

That free game is available from 10 a.m. to noon on Aug. 13, so be sure to arrive in a timely manner at your local Bowlero, Bowlmor, AMF, Brunswick Zone XL, Brunswick's. Contests will go down, and lively giveaways, so don't be surprised if you walk out with a little reminder of the big day.

If you can't make the morningtime free game, pay for a regular game later in the day, if you want to help the fundraiser reach its goal.

There's also a party on later that night, from 8 to 10 o'clock, and while games won't be free, look for more giveaways, plus food specials and other National Bowling Day doings.

Can you knock down a million pins on the morning of Aug. 13? Well... no. But working together with other bowlers across this lane-lovely, pinsetter-sweet, pin deck-delightful, gutter-fun land, you can. 

Just remember to give your ball a dose of spin upon release, and to not overthink your approach to the foul line.

Good? You got this, as do all the other bowlers pitching in to help Feeding America on a summertime Saturday.

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