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Mini Golf Gets Gleefully Ghostly at a Quirky SoCal Course

Swing by SpeedZone's outdoor course, which includes 18 holes haunted by Halloween sights and scenes.


What to Know

  • Haunted Mini Golf at SpeedZone in the City of Industry
  • Fridays and Saturday evenings through Oct. 30; Haunted Mini Golf will also be open on Sunday, Oct. 31
  • $18.99-$59.99

Miniature golf courses have gained a well-earned reputation as fanciful destinations, the places where a designer's creativity can run delightfully rampant.

That means putt-putt players may encounter all sorts of imaginative obstacles, from castles to windmills, as they try to put their golf ball in the next hole.

Rarely, though, does one encounter a course that has fully embraced its October side, a chillingly cheerful take on all things Halloween.

Mini golf mavens can now find just that, however, in the City of Industry.

For SpeedZone's Haunted Mini Golf is open to anyone looking for an open-air'd, swing-a-club experience that combines a classic petite course with the frightful sights you might see at a haunted house.

In short? Halloween icons are part of this pop-up adventure, but so is the chance to show off your mini golfing prowess, putt by powerful putt.

It's an adventure that's open on Friday and Saturday nights through October, as well as Oct. 31, which is a Sunday in 2021.

Getting those tickets in advance, due to the limited times and hours? Don't chance it: You'll want to swing by this site and book yours soon.

Skeletons, pumpkins, areas of sudden fog, and atmospheric lighting add October-style eerieness to the ghostly greens.

Call it a whimsical way to savor some get-moving activity while also encountering the spine-tingling staples of the season, all while enjoying a cool night outdoors.

It's a fairly rare thing to find a sportsy activity themed to a holiday, but miniature golf, with its offbeat designs and quirky set pieces, feels just right. And when you think about it, both pumpkins and golf balls are colorful and globe-shaped, though fitting a large squash in a small hole is definitely not recommended.

Rather, enjoy the pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls as you putt-putt your way through Haunted Mini Golf at SpeedZone in the City of Industry.

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