Mission San Juan Capistrano to Honor Earth Day for a Month

The landmark, which is full of blooming flowers as April comes to a close, is also open to visitors.

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What to Know

  • 26801 Ortega Highway in San Juan Capistrano
  • Wednesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • $14 adults (consult the site for more pricing)


Here's a widely embraced fact: It's big, very big, and saying so isn't going to make anybody grumble or have a contrary opinion.

But Earth Day is over fairly quickly, and while April 22 will soon conclude for another year, there's a place that's committed to bringing all of its joys, messages, activities, and planet-forward fun to people in California, and beyond, for a full month.

It's Mission San Juan Capistrano, which is greeting Earth Week 2021 in some celebratory ways.

The historic landmark is open, for sweet starters, and visitors can find out all they'll need to know about calling upon the mission, its sizable, treasure-filled store, its glorious gardens, and other fascinating spaces by perusing the destination's safety guidelines.

It's fully masked indoors, do note, and if you remove your face covering while strolling in the gardens, you'll want to observe social distancing while doing so. Find out more here.

Late April is also a splendid time to call upon the mission, which is famous for its colorful California plants, from its beloved poppies to glorious sprays of goldenrod.

Monarch butterflies regularly alight upon these blossoms, a fluttery fact that draws photographers to the gardens around this time of year.

Even if you can't perambulate among the poppies and admire the roses, succulents, and cacti, you can connect with Mission San Juan Capistrano, thanks to its Virtual Earth Day Celebration.

True, Earth Day is April 22, but this enjoy-from-home festivity will last for a full month. Which means you can enjoy a line-up of videos (creating a butterfly garden is one of the topics) and various activities.

Are you still hoping to stop by during this especially flowery time of year, even after enjoying the online offerings?

The expansive grounds have long been a place of reflection, of finding inner quiet, and of connecting with a friend or family member on a slow and sweet walk.

Keep an eye out, too, should one of the swallows, the birds that are synonymous with the storied structure, swoop by.

But other local critters, the sort of chirpers and buzzers than love the mission's gardens, make regular and charming appearances throughout the blooming season.

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