Mmm Over a Seasonal Spin on Banana Pudding

The offbeat, chocolate-y, minty, luscious treat is available at Magnolia Bakery.

What to Know

  • Magnolia Bakery on West Third
  • $6.95 for a large; available in medium and small sizes, too
  • Available through the end of the year

Naming five fruits commonly seen around the yuletide?

It seems easy enough, what with apples and pears and plums and cranberries making a strong showing in a variety of Christmas desserts, as well as the occasional citrus, too.

You might have even thought of the pomegranate, or perhaps the quince, or maybe you chucked the whole notion of peel-able, stem-topped fruit and drove straight to fruitcake, which, yes, contains fruit, but also a lot of not-fruit things, too.

But the banana? It isn't one of the celebrities of the fruit bowl when the end of December arrives, at least in terms of classic confection. It dominates spring and summer treats, no doubt, but not the yummiest parts of the yuletide.

That may change thanks to the current special pudding that's available now at Magnolia Bakery. The launched-in-NYC, now-found-on-West-Third sweet shop is known for its banana puddings, but the limited-time Chocolate Banana Peppermint Pudding, er... really takes the cake.

The chocolate ups the Christmas factor, and the peppermint, too, for sure, but the banana? That's the offbeat add-in, the surprise guest, the fruit that'll have you saying "but this isn't the fruit we usually have around this time of year, at least in our gooey goodies."

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It's available through December, and comes in three sizes: $3.95 for the small, $6.95 for the big one, and $5.75 for the between-those-two choice.

Are you buying for two? For more? For you? Pick accordingly.

And begin to think of the banana as equal to the quince and the plum, in terms of what it can deliver on the whole holiday indulgence front. True, banana bread is often traded this time of year, but when we look to desserts, the peel-mazing icon isn't often included.

That could change. Plus, peppermint and banana? It's a duo that's bound to take off, with its third bestie, chocolate, at its seasonal side.

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