MONA's Neon Wings Prompt Glowful Poses in Glendale

Strolling by the Museum of Neon Art? Pause and snap a picture of the upbeat installation, which brings a message of hope and connection.


What to Know

  • 216 S. Brand Boulevard
  • For neon-dramatic impact, visit the wings after dark from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., when they'll be lit
  • The inspiring installation is a way for the museum to safely and quickly connect with locals during its temporary closure

Say you're a museum, an esteemed cultural institution full of fabulous pieces, cool treasures, and the sorts of objects that give visitors both joy and things to think about.

Way cool. But? You're closed, temporarily, all to stay safe in the pandemic.

How can you still connect with people beyond your walls while also offering some whimsy, all to bring some smiles and hope during a difficult period?

If you're the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale, and you've got some nice, wide windows facing Brand Boulevard, the answer is as clear as a tube of colorful light: Install an artwork that is inspirational, celebrational, and selfie-ational, too.

Okay, "selfie-ational" isn't actually a word — yet — but the new wings now on view at MONA will surely prompt a stream of snap-a-pic people to stop for a quick pose.

Event producer Relevé Unlimited donated the piece to the museum.

As for the pretty piece's message, beyond the more obvious "this would make a sweet snap to share"?

The museum team says this: The wings "... forge points of connection and interaction with the Museum's growing audience at a time when the Museum is mandated by the County of Los Angeles to remain closed."

"As a public artwork, the wings will provide an inspiring message in dark times, remind passersby that they are powerful, and that art and creativity can transform its environment and those in its presence."

Keep in mind that the wings will shine nightly, from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., so be sure to swing by during those hours if you'd like to see them in full glow.

And, of course, tag #MONA as well, to spread the wingful wonderousness.

Okay, like "selfie-ational," "wonderousness" also pushes that's-not-a-word boundaries. But when beautiful and free-to-see artworks alight in our worlds, we can find ourselves full of fresh creativity, new words, and a desire to see things through while trekking a harder road.

Feel like you need some insta-sweetness of the most pictorial sort during this time?

The wings are now up and adding wonderousness to the Museum of Neon Art.

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