Monsterpalooza Creaks Open on Friday the 13th

Cackle, ghoulishly, as you head for the three-day monster-everything festival, in Pasadena.

What to Know

  • April 13-15
  • Pasadena Convention Center
  • $30 Friday, $35 Saturday, $30 Sunday

A Friday the 13th that lands right smack dab in the middle of springtime?

Call it a thorn upon a rose, or a howling wind through a garden, or a sudden thunderstorm on a perfectly clear day.

There are those, though, that embrace the eerie occasion, whenever it happens to creep back onto the calendar, and, very frequently, those revelers are dressed in all manner of Halloween-ready couture.

They certainly will be at the Pasadena Convention Center, beginning on Friday, April 13, for that's when Monsterpalooza shambles its wicked way back into town.

What is Monsterpalooza? It's the mega-monster-everything convention, a pop culture slice of scary make-up tutorials, elaborately creative costumes, terrifying movies, and some of the most eye-popping Hollywood-perfected effects around.

The three-day gathering isn't all about the chills, however; there are thrills, too, with make-up masters leading demos on how to get your scars, warts, third eyeballs, and other facial details just right.

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A Monster Museum'll be in the house, too, as well famous monster baddies (or the talented thespians who played them), and over 250 vendors selling all manner of monstrous tees, toys, artworks, and eeky items from beyond.

Big names attending include Pam Grier, Danny Trejo, and Cassandra Peterson, Elvira herself. She'll be there on Friday and Saturday, note, and it is a good idea to make sure you're at the convention center at the same time as the stars you'd like to see.

A ticket on Friday the 13th? It's thirty bucks. That's the same price for a ticket on Sunday the 15th, a far less frightening day, culturally, but on par, admission-wise, with Friday the 13th.

Admission is $35 on Saturday the 14th. 

No groans here: It's a weekend-long Friday the 13th, in short, complete with more cool monsters than you can stuff into the largest of haunted houses.

That it is also Monsterpalooza's 10th anniversary is something to note, though what you get a monster on a 10th anniversary remains a bit of a mystery.

Is it paper, crystal, gems for a big 10th? Or perhaps slime or a jar of fog is more appropriate?

Ponder that tricky topic as you moan your way to the Pasadena Convention Center.

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