Most Rides in a Day: A Speedy Showdown Returns to Disneyland

The Gumball Rally, a friendly-but-fast competition helmed by MiceChat, will be back at The Happiest Place on Earth in February.

What to Know

  • Teams will compete to see who can ride the most Disneyland park attractions in a single day
  • The Feb. 12, 2022 event is helmed by MiceChat, the Disney parks fan community, and not Disneyland Resort
  • $120 team of two; Disneyland entrance is separately ticketed (and reservations are required, too)

Disneyland devotees are well-known for their in-park frolics, those happy happenings that aren't organized or overseen by the resort but rather the fans who plan some of the most spectacular events, year after year.

These events might include Haunted Mansion dress-up gatherings, or Dapper Day, that wear-your-vintage-best bash that traditionally returns to The Happiest Place on Earth twice each year.

But, for sure, one of the on-the-go-iest, laughing-est, gotta-watch-the-clock-ing-est events has to be the famous Gumball Rally, which is sunnily staged by MiceChat, that mega maven community that's built around loving all things related to the Disney parks and, well, Disney everything else, too.

What's the Gumball Rally?

The headline is simple, if slightly sweat-inducing: Highly energized teams gather at Disneyland park, on an appointed day, to see how many attractions they can ride over the super-quick course of that day.

That means planning is involved, and strategy, and deciding if you'll complete all of the attractions located in, say, Tomorrowland first, or jump around to those rides that might boast shorter queues at particular times.

So best get to plotting, for the MiceChat Gumball Rally will return on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022.

Needing to be a member of the MiceChat community to join? Not necessary, but if this sort of thing holds appeal, you might want to consider carving out some time to check out what MiceChat offers.

But do note that you will need a ticket to Disneyland park, and you'll need a reservation, too, in addition to purchasing your spot for the rally.

"You don’'t have to be a trivia buff, ride warrior, or theme park nerd to play.  The game is designed to put everyone on a level playing field," shares the MiceChat team.

There are a bevy of playful prizes, too, including Best Team Name, Best Team Logo, and, of course, a lot of laudatory love for those tireless groups that ride the most rides.

Pretty medals sporting ribbons and a funky trophy are all on the prize table for the victors of the day.

A day that will begin very early at The Anaheim Hotel, which is where everyone will gather later that evening, to cheer for the victors and recount funny tales from the swift-scheduled day.

Brushing up on the rules, as you ponder what your eye-catching team t-shirts will say, is essential (yep, all members of your team have to ride an attraction for it to count towards your final tally, for example).

Those tallies can be rather remarkable, with intrepid riders regularly completing dozens of Disneyland rides over the course of a day.

What's your personal best, attraction-wise? Can you top it? And will you still have time for a churro and a quick pic with Mickey?

Read up on all you need to know, Gumballers, and book all of the things you need to book soon, from your Gumball Rally team tickets, to your park entrance, and that all-important Feb. 12 reservation, too.

Oh yes, and don't forget those adorable team tees, your comfiest tennies, and a merry moniker that will look good topping the Gumball Rally tally, if you happen to ride the most rides at Disneyland park over a single day.

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