Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gets Extra Sweet With This Chocolate Zoom

Chocolatier Kriss Harvey of andSons will lead the Mother's Day morning livestream in partnership with Discover LA.


What to Know

  • Sunday, May 10 at 10 a.m.
  • Discover LA Zoom event with andSons Chocolatiers
  • Snag a sweet chocolate recipe and learn some behind-the-scenes info

Indulging in a bit of chocolate for breakfast?

Your mom may have advised you to save your favorite confection for after the lunch hour back in your youth.

But there's no reason that your mom can't dig into the dark-of-flavor, rich-of-texture world of chocolate during the morningtime, at least on Sunday, May 10.

That is Mother's Day, and, to put a sweet spin on the day, professional chocolatier Kriss Harvey will lead a live Zoom event in partnership with Discover LA.

Will the candy-making wizard be giving some insight into how this year's Mother's Day chocolate collection, which found inspiration in some of our state's natural flowers and plants?

He will, but there's a bonus: The sweet chef will also " ... provide an easy-to-follow at home chocolate recipe."

You can sign up now, through Discover LA, so you're sure to get the Zoom link ahead of the 10 a.m. happening.

And if you and your mom are in different places at the moment? Consider this behind-the-scenes live event a way to meet up, over your shared love of chocolate, online.

andSons, which is based in Beverly Hills, is temporarily closed, but you can order a host of goodies through its site.

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